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The inspiration blog that fuels the mind of Adam Toews - animator, illustrator, and art director on Fx's original animated series, Chozen.


A little video of the clean and colouring of Clovis the dragon. (speed x16). Music: Master and Slave / VANDROID.

More videos on my youtube channel !

1/rough (very rough)2/Clean and Shadow (very pink)3/final picture (very far from what I expected at the beginning)

Commissions and Con Sickness

Greetings everyone! 

So, I wanted to give a big shoutout to everyone that stopped by to visit our artist table at Dragon Con this year. I got to see and meet many amazing cosplayers and fans of Archer alike. I will most definitely be back again next year with hopefully even more excited art and swag to give out. 

To anyone that ordered a commission, you can rest assured that I am working on them, though I am definitely behind schedule - today is the first day since last wednesday that I’m not dying from the dreaded Con Crud. Bad boy had me on my ass for almost a week. I’m on the mend now, though, so expect them to start rolling out over the next couple of weeks.

Along those same lines - you can expect an entirely updated site for http://www.bigtoews.com within the coming weeks. So much to do, so little time! 

Dragon*Con 2014 - WELCOME

Greetings to everyone who might have found their way here upon entering http://www.bigtoews.com - the new web address of artist Adam Toews! 

With the madness that was prepping for Dragon*Con 2014, as well as working a full time job, properly setting up the website site was a task that fell to the bottom of the priority list. 


Soon, the new site up and running smoother than a baby’s backside. It will feature new artwork, an etsy for prints, and maybe even some updated blog action, so check back to http://www.bigtoews.com again soon! 


the following scene.
also, i received a lot of nice message and question after the last note.
Thanks everyone, i’ll respond to all of them in the following day/week. I want to take time to respond properly, so don’t be angry if i take a little time.
love you guys !


Realizing there are still a ton of Marvel portraits that I’ve yet to post to tumblr! 

I’ll be doing an AP sale of every print from my show, HOPEFULLY soon, so look for that. 

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For best results, sync it up with the Vanilla Ice song.


For best results, sync it up with the Vanilla Ice song.